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Granite State Pro Stock Series Stats

The Granite State Pro Stock Series has been in existence for 2 years. In that time frame, there have been 17 races run at 8 different tracks with 12 different winners. In 2013 alone, there were 65 drivers that attempted to qualify for the 11 races held. Here’s a closer look at the numbers.

-Mike Parks is the driver with the most starts, and the only driver to start all 17 races. Tied for second are Barry Gray and Josh King with 16 starts each.

-Matt Frahm has earned the most wins on the tour with 3. He has done so in 12 races, giving him a 25% winning percentage. Compare that to this NASCAR’s driver with the most wins this year, Matt Kenseth, who won 7 races in 36 attempts, for a 19.4% average.

-The Granite State Pro Stock Series is so competitive that 12 drivers have won in the series, out of 17 races. Only 4 drivers have multiple wins: Frahm (3), Mike O’Sullivan (2), Gray (2), and Bobby Baillargeon (2).

-Mike O’Sullivan owns the most top 3’s in the series with 7. There are two drivers tied for second with 5 top 3’s, Frahm and Baillargeon. Larry Gelinas sits one behind the pair with 4.

-O’Sullivan also shares the lead in top 5’s with 8 with Barry Gray. O’Sullivan has done that in 13 races, meaning he finishes in the top 5 over 61% of the time.

-2012 champ Bobby Cabral owns the best single-season average finish, with a 3.83 average in 6 races. O’Sullivan had a 5.73 average feature finish in 2013 en route to his championship. In the entire Series’ life, Cabral’s average still stands on top at 3.83, O’Sullivan’s drops to 5.08, and Larry Gelinas sits third with a 6.67 average feature finish.

-O’Sullivan’s worst finish in 2013 was 15th, which was tied for the best “worst finish” out of the top ten, along with Jay Sands. In 2012, Cabral’s worst finish was 7th, proving what a phenomenal season he really had.

-Two drivers showed up for one race in 2013 and picked up the victory. Joey Polewarczyk, JR accomplished that task at Canaan, while DJ Shaw grabbed victory at Star.

-In three races at Canaan, Jeremy Davis is the king. His average feature finish of 3rd including one victory is best by far, with Mike Parks second in three races with a 8.33 average.

-Mike O’Sullivan is top dog at Thompson International Speedway. The 2013 champ has two second place finishes there, tops in the series. Jim Banfield has the second best average finish of 4.5.

-The GSPSS has been to Hudson for 4 races, and only five drivers have completed all 4. Bobby Baillargeon has two wins there, but a 15th in the 2013 Gate City Classic brings his average feature finish to 5th. Close behind, Jay Sands has an average feature finish of 5.25, and Mike Parks having an average feature finish of 6th.

-Modnadnock is another competitive track for the GSPSS. Seven drivers have competed in the 2 races there, with Larry Gelinas holding the best average feature finish of 6th, Fran Colson second with a 6.5 average, and Phil Meany with an average of 7th.

-Matt Frahm has enjoyed the most success at the two races at Star. Out of the 10 drivers that have attempted to qualify for both events, Frahm’s average feature finish of 2.5 is the best. Bobby Baillargeon is not far off with an average of 4.5, and Babe Branscombe is third with an average feature finish of 8th.

The 2014 season is just 93 days away with the Icebreaker at Thompson International Speedway on April 5th and 6th. Contact the Granite State Pro Stock Series by calling 1-802-558-8954 or e-mail Mike Parks at Visit the GSPSS website, like the facebook page, or follow the GSPSS on Twitter @GSProStocks.

Photo: 2013 Series Champion Mike O'Sullivan battles with Glenn Tyler at Thompson Speedway. (Eric LaFleche Photo)

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