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Granite State Pro Stock Series Meeting Complete, Looking Ahead to 2014 and Beyond

Thompson, CT- The Granite State Pro Stock Series held their first meeting of the new season at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.

Series president Mike Parks spoke to nearly 100 competitors, owners, and crew members, discussing the schedule and options for years beyond the upcoming season. One of the main changes in the off season is the format for the heat races. In previous years, the winner of a heat race would receive 6 points, and would descend according to position by 1 point each. In 2014, each position will receive double the points, giving the winner 12 points, second place earning 10 points, descending each position by 2 points.

“Heat races are so important,” states 2013 champ Mike O’Sullivan. “In heat races, you try to gain more positions which will earn more points. With more points being awarded, the heat races are magnified. My brother (Tommy O’Sullivan) and I have circled them as an area of importance.” O’Sullivan credits his success in heat races to helping him win the championship last year. His 4 heat race wins contributed heavily to earning top honors in the series.

Adding to the importance of the heat races, the GSPSS has joined forces with McClellan Metal Finishing out of Waltham, MA to grant the winners of each heat race an extra $25 bonus in their earnings. “It gives you something else to race for,” O’Sullivan adds. “Every little bit helps.”

There was a strong showing from the state of Maine at the meeting, with a couple of drivers throwing their names into the hat for the upcoming season. 2012 Beech Ridge Pro Stock champ Brad Babb has filed paperwork to compete in the GSPSS in 2014.

“If everything goes well, we are going to go after the 2014 championship,” Babb comments. “We came down to the World Series at Thompson last year, were treated well, felt appreciated, and had a pretty good time. We are looking forward to 2014 season, especially the races at Lee and White Mountain Motorsports Park.”

Along with multiple feature wins at Beech Ridge, Babb was the 2010 Rookie of the Year in the American-Canadian Tour, and has dabbled in PASS as well. Joining Babb, Westbrook, ME resident Matty Sanborn has filed to compete for Rookie of the Year. “Each year we are seeing an increase in car counts and talent in our series,” remarked Parks. “We have more ‘true rookies’ coming in and more drivers in general. Every year the bar is being raised.”

The Granite State Pro Stock Series will begin the season at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on April 5th and 6th. There will be an open practice at the facility on March 22nd, and an open practice on Friday, April 4th from 2-5PM, with pits opening at noon. The 10 race schedule will also conclude at Thompson for the World Series, and will stop at Monadnock, Hudson, Star, Lee, and White Mountain Motorsports Park, with the possibility of other dates added shortly. To contact the Granite State Pro Stock Series, call 1-802-558-8954 or e-mail Mike Parks at Also, visit the GSPSS website, like the Facebook page, or follow the GSPSS on Twitter @GSProStocks.

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