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Gray Sets Sights on 2014 Granite State Pro Stock Series Title

Northfield, VT- In the eyes of Barry Gray, the 2013 season was an off year. The Belchertown, MA driver picked up a win, 4 top 5’s, and finished 7th in points, but had 4 DNF’s, 3 of which occurred before lap 10. Gray’s goals are to have more success during qualifying rounds, and to practice self-preservation. “To finish first, first you must finish,” Gray adds.

Gray’s racing career wasn’t a planned thing. One day, Gray headed to see a man named Bruce Clark to pick up a washing machine. What he brought back with him was a race car. The irony of the situation is that same Bruce Clark’s daughter, Christina, would catch the eye of Gray’s son Adam years later, as they are due to be married this upcoming October.

Barry Gray has enjoyed a storied career. His Pro Stock days at Riverside Park and Monadnock have given him 6 titles, including the New Hampshire State Championship between Monadnock and Twin State Speedway in 2007. He has captured over 100 victories in his career, including a pair of wins in the Granite State Pro Stock Series itself. To say he is a premier level driver would be an understatement.

The Gray family also has some competition for best racer in the family. Adam Gray is a multi-time Late Model champion at Stafford Speedway, including a remarkable 2013 campaign which Adam racked up 6 wins in 18 races. Adam’s first race didn’t start out how he had planned, suffering a flat tire, but then proceeded to go on a tear and pick up 16 straight top threes, and his 17th race fell to a dismal…fourth. Barry and Adam had a year racing families envy in 2008, when Adam won the Late Model championship, and Barry picked up top honors in the Pro Stock division. When asked who would win in a race between father and son, Barry Gray answered with a chuckle. “Would he wreck me for the win? Yes. Would I wreck him for the win? I’m not so sure.”

When the other is racing, Barry and Adam spot for each other. “It’s more stressful when you aren’t in control of the car,” Barry comments. “You aren’t in control of your destiny.” Gray is also quick to point out spotting for each other has helped each driver. “It’s a lot easier to communicate how the car is handling,” the elder Gray admits.

When not at the race track, Gray is running his Meadows Motor Cars business, and an avid New England Patriots fan. However, Gray admits racing takes up a lot of his time. His family is dear to his racing hobbies, and he is proud to have passed along his racing knowledge to his son. “I try to be slow and steady, and I think that helped Adam this past year,” said Gray. “Again, to finish first, you must first finish.” Gray enjoys the GSPSS because it gives him a chance to travel to different tracks, but has his eyes set on the Monadnock date on the schedule. Gray has two victories and a top five to go with it. He credits his success to his crew, including Gary, Walter, Alan, Leon, Bob, and his son.

The Granite State Pro Stock Series hits Monadnock on May 24th, but you can catch the GSPSS at their first race of the 2014 season at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on April 5th and 6th. To contact the Granite State Pro Stock Series, call 1-802-558-8954 or e-mail Mike Parks at Also, visit the GSPSS website, like the Facebook page, or follow the GSPSS on Twitter @GSProStocks.

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