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Matt Frahm Prepared for 2014 Season with Granite State Pro Stock Series (GSPSS)

Northfield, VT- What makes the most winningest driver in GSPSS history so successful? Two words: preparation and family.

North Salem, NH’s own Matt Frahm has already enjoyed a storied racing career. Frahm has already competed in the K + N Series and has strapped in for several Nationwide Series races. Returning back to Pro Stocks in 2013, the driver of the Lambert Roofing/ WDW Machine/ Granite Industrial Gases Chevrolet has 3 career wins in the GSPSS in 12 tries, the result of tedious preparation. “I learned so much at the Nationwide level,” comments Frahm. “I learned that every second is valuable, especially in practice.” Frahm takes that to a whole new level. Not only does the Frahm family take advantage of every second at the track, the preparation starts before the car even leaves the shop. He and his father go over every inch of the car, check every nut and bolt, and have their game plan in place before the car makes it to the trailer. “You win races in the shop, not at the track,” Frahm states. Being prepared before getting to the track gives them more time to fine tune their automobile once the tires get bolted on.

The preparation doesn’t stop there. Frahm firmly believes body and mind are a huge part of racing. He spends 6 days a week in the gym, prepping his body for the adrenaline and physical aspect of the sport. The former Nationwide driver knows you have to believe in yourself as well. “You have to be confident,” says Frahm. “If you aren’t confident with yourself or your equipment, you aren’t going anywhere.” Frahm puts in work marketing himself and his team. Public relations, social skills, and presenting yourself and your image can help bring and maintain sponsors, fans, and possibly advancement in the sport. It’s all part of the preparation.

As much work as this driver puts into his racing career, family is still a huge part of his life. Everyone has a role in his racing; his father, mother, close friends, grandparents; everyone has a piece in it. In fact, family is what he loves about local short track racing. “I love that people are at the track because of you and who you are,” Frahm admits. “I’m hard-working, competitive, and I try to get along with everyone. My family is a big part of that.”

See if Matt Frahm can notch his fourth career GSPSS win at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, just 48 days away for the Icebreaker. To contact the Granite State Pro Stock Series, call 1-802-558-8954 or e-mail Mike Parks at Also, visit the GSPSS website, like the Facebook page, or follow the GSPSS on Twitter @GSProStocks.

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