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Granite State Pro Stock Series at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park: A Closer Look at the Numbers

Walpole, NH – The Granite State Pro Stock Series will travel to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, April 11-12, for the Ice Breaker. The Ice Breaker will be the first event of the 12-race season, and will be the fifth time the Granite State Pro Stock Series has visited the facility since 2013, including the World Series. The following is a closer look at the numbers of the Granite State Pro Stock Series (GSPSS), Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (TSMP), and the Ice Breaker.


  • The track first opened in 1940, after a hurricane known as “The Long Island Express” ripped through the land owned by John Hoenig in 1938, who chose to clear his land and build a race track. The 2015 season will be the 75th year in existence.

  • TSMP’s nickname is “Indianapolis of the East”.

  • Not only is the 5/8th mile oval in use, but there is a 1.7 mile road course, 1.5 mile road course configuration, 1/10th mile Midget oval, a 4.5 acre autocross area, and 18 hole golf course, all on the facility.


ICEBREAKER: Race 1 of 12 on 2015 season

LENGTH: .625 mile oval

BANKING: 26 degrees

RACE LENGTH: 40 laps


  • There have been four winners in four different racers at TSMP (George Bessette, Larry Gelinas, Mike O’Sullivan, Derek Ramstrom).

  • TSMP has been the opening race in the GSPSS season since 2013.

  • TSMP has averaged 22.5 drivers taking the green flag in feature events for the GSPSS.

  • Five drivers have competed in all four previous events (M. O’Sullivan, Gelinas, Billy Brady, Mike Parks, Bessette)



T1. Mike O’Sullivan 4

T1. Larry Gelinas 4

T1. Billy Brady 4

T1. Mike Parks 4

T1. George Bessette 4


T1. George Bessette 1

T1. Larry Gelinas 1

T1. Mike O’Sullivan 1

T1. Derek Ramstrom 1

TOP 3s

T1. Mike O’Sullivan 3

T1. Larry Gelinas 3

T3. George Bessette 1

T3. Glenn Tyler 1

T3. Tommy O’Sullivan 1

T3. Matt Frahm 1

T3. Derek Ramstrom 1

TOP 10s

T1. Mike O’Sullivan 3

T1. Larry Gelinas 3

T1. George Bessette 3

T1. Dillon Moltz 3

AVERAGE FEATURE FINISH (minimum 2 races)

1. Mike O’Sullivan 4

2. Jim Banfield 4.5

3. Larry Gelinas 5.5

4. Dillon Moltz 6

5. Matt Frahm 6.67


#12 Derek Griffith

  • Has seven top 3s, and fourteen top 10 finishes in twenty-one total races with the GSPSS.

  • Finished a career-best 2nd three times (Monadnock 2012, Hudson 2013, Monadnock 2014).

  • Has two 8th place finishes in two attempts at TSMP.

  • Earned the Most Improved Driver award in 2014, finishing 4th in the championship standings.

#66 Mike Parks

  • Has earned three top 3s, and fifteen top 10 finishes in twenty-eight career GSPSS events.

  • Finished a career-best 2nd twice (Hudson 2012, Monadnock 2013).

  • Owns two top ten finishes at TSMP, with including a 7th in the inaugural event at the track in 2013, with an average feature finish of 11.75 in four races.

  • Finished 8th in the championship standings in 2014.

#29 Barry Gray

  • Has recorded three wins, five top 3s, and twenty top 10 finishes in twenty-seven career GSPSS events.

  • His three wins have come in each of the three full GSPSS seasons (2012-14), and all at Monadnock Speedway.

  • Has two top ten finishes at TSMP, including a 7th at the IceBreaker (2014), for an average feature finish of 7.5 in two attempts.

  • Finished 6th in the championship point standings in 2014.

#71NH Cory Robert

  • Owns two top 3s, and five top 10s, in eleven career GSPSS starts.

  • Career best 2nd (Canaan 2012).

  • Finished 9th in the only feature at TSMP (2014).

  • Finished 9th in the championship standings in 2014.

#37 Larry Gelinas

  • Has tallied two wins, nine top 3s, and eighteen top 10 finishes in twenty-three races with the GSPSS.

  • His two victories were at TSMP (2013) and Hudson International Speedway (2014).

  • The victory at TSMP was at the World Series 2013, and owns an average feature finish of 5.5 at the facility.

  • Ended the 2014 season sitting 3rd in the championship standings, just 12 points out of first.

#08 Mike O’Sullivan

  • The 2013 series champion has earned three victories, eight top 3s, and fourteen top 10s in twenty career GSPSS starts.

  • His three victories (Monadnock 2012, Hudson 2013, TSMP 2014) are second on the all-time win list in the GSPSS.

  • His win at the IceBreaker in 2014 at TSMP is joined by two 2nd place finishes in four starts, giving “Magic Mike” a 4.5 average feature finish at the facility.

  • O’Sullivan ran part-time in 2014, spending time with family after welcoming a third son, Cameron.

#16 Tommy O’Sullivan

  • Has one top 3, and eleven top 10s in seventeen career GSPSS feature starts.

  • His career best finish of 3rd was notched at TSMP (2013).

  • In three races, O’Sullivan owns an average feature finish of 10 at TSMP.

  • Finished 7th in the championship standings a year ago.

#5 Dillon Moltz

  • Last year’s champion picked up Rookie of the Year honors, as well, posting a win, three top 3s, and eleven top 10s in 12 starts in the GSPSS.

  • His lone victory came at Star Speedway, as part of the Star Classic weekend.

  • Moltz ran the final event at TSMP in 2013, the World Series, and 2014’s two stops to the facility, and boasts an average feature finish of 6, which includes a 5th place finish at the IceBreaker in 2014.

  • Added the 2014 GSPSS crown to his resume, for car owner Mark Brackett.

For more information on the Granite State Pro Stock Series, visit

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