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Granite State Pro Stock Series Team Penalized Rules Infraction at Star Speedway

WALPOLE, NH - The No. 03 team that competes in the Granite State Pro Stock Series has been penalized for a rules infraction discovered during post-race inspection, September 12, at Star Speedway. This infraction violates the following Section of the 2015 rule book:

4.10: GM 400 “604” Fast Burn and D347SR “Crate” Engine Inspection

F. Engines with cam and rocker replacement option are limited to only replacement of cam shaft, lifters, and rockers. No other modifications permitted

G. In the event of engine rebuild the only modifications are listed below.

-Maximum overbore of .034”

-Maximum deck surfacing of block: .005”

-Maximum deck surfacing of cylinder head: .010 straight only. No angle milling.

INFRACTION: Improper modifications found during inspection.

As a result of this violation, driver Joe Squeglia, Jr. has been disqualified from his finishing position. An updated, and official, finish has been attached.


Star Classic

Star Speedway

9/12/15 1. 60 DJ Shaw

2. 12 Derek Griffith

3. 05 Jacob Dore

4. 14m Matt Frahm

5. 38 Babe Branscombe

6. 66 Mike Parks

7. 29 Barry Gray

8. 5 Dillon Moltz

9. 21NH Nick Sweet

10. 98 Steven Dickey

11. 37ME Larry Gelinas

12. 06 Dan Colby

13. 51NH Jeremy Harclerode

14. 1CT Cory Casagrande

15. 16 Tommy O’Sullivan

16. 08 Mike O’Sullivan

17. 92 Billy Brady

18. 35 Bobby Nadeau

19. 32 Steve Murphy

20. 21 Josh King

21. 11 Steve Johnson

22. 28 Greg Nanigian

DSQ 03 Joe Squeglia, Jr.

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