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Mike O’Sullivan outduels DJ Shaw to win the Rydemore 100

Winchester, N.H. - The Rydemore 100 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. started as a steamy one, with temperatures reaching the mid ninety’s. Guy Caron of Lempster, N.H. found himself on the pole with Mike Mitchell of Cumberland, R.I. on the outside. Barry Gray who finished second last week was looking to get his first win of the year starting in the sixth position. Ultimately, it was Mike O’Sullivan of Springfield, MA. in victory lane.

Caron took the lead early in the race and led until lap 61 when he and Gray made contact on the backstretch, and Caron, spun bringing out the first caution of the night. This put O’Sullivan and DJ Shaw of Center Conway, N.H. up front. Glenn Martel of Belmont, NH was the Lucky Dog, winning his lap back and putting him on the road to a fifth place finish.

By lap 65 Mike Parks of Walpole, N.H. had worked his way up to third after starting 12th. The 71 NH of Cory Robert in sixth place, fended off the Caron and Gray for over a dozen laps, until lap 89 when contact was made with Gray.

This started a few restarts on lap 89 with multiple cars ending their night in the pits. The 71NH did not make it back onto the track due to a flat tire. After charging all the way to third from his 12th starting spot, Mike Parks was involved in a wreck on the backstretch with Cory Casagrande of Stafford Springs, CT, ending a good run for Parks. This also saw the end of Guy Caron’s night as he left on the Hook. Both the Barry Gray and Adam Norton machines were able to return to the track after making visits to the pits.

The final laps of the race were clean and saw Mike O’Sullivan take the win without incident. DJ Shaw and Cory Casagrande making up the remaining top three.

The Granite State Pro Stock Series will be racing again on Friday, June 3rd at Lee Speedway in Lee, New Hampshire.

Unofficial Finish

1 08 Mike O’Sullivan

2 60 DJ Shaw

3 1 Cory Casagrande

4 40 Mike Mitchell

5 23 Glenn Martel

6 63 John Salemi

7 29 Barry Gray

8 87 Adam Norton

9 66 Mike Parks

10 42 Guy Caron

11 71NH Cory Robert

12 18 Michael Scorzelli

13 96 Wyatt Alexander

Contingency Winner

Car #


AR Bodies (Hard Luck) $100.00 18 Michael Scorzelli

Bond Auto Parts (2nd Place) $100.00 60 DJ Shaw

Bond Auto Parts (Last car on Lead Lap) $100.00 87 Adam Norton

Coilover Commander (Feature winner) $300.00 08 Mike O’Sullivan

Embroidery Expertee’s (3rd Place) $50.00 1 Cory Casagrande

Five Star Bodies (5th Place) $50.00 23 Glenn Martel

MacLellan Metal Finishing (Heat Winner) $25.00 60 DJ Shaw

MacLellan Metal Finishing (Heat Winner) $25.00 40 Mike Mitchell

Magnus Racing (2nd Place) $100.00 60 DJ Shaw

Powertrain (4th Place) $100.00 40 Mike Mitchell

RB Performance (3rd Place) $50.00 1 Cory Casagrande

RB Performance (7th Place) $50.00 29 Barry Gray

Seymour Performance (Random Draw) $50.00 60 DJ Shaw

Sherwood Wheels (Most Laps Lead) Guy Caron

Sunoco (Heat Winner) $25.00 60 DJ Shaw

Sunoco (Heat Winner) $25.00 40 Mike Mitchell

VDL Fuel (5th Place) $25.00 23 Glenn Martel

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