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Davis, Griffith & Shaw Thrill Claremont fans in a Classic Twin State 100 finish!!

The Twin State 100 saw some new drivers on the roster adding to the variety seen in all of the GSPSS races started this year. George Bessette of Danbury, CT., Tommy O’Sullivan, of Wilbraham, MA., and local racer Jimmy Zullo of Claremont, NH all added their names to the list of already competitive list of drivers running.

Last years winner Derek Griffith and newcomer to Claremont, DJ Shaw set the pace early in the day, both attaining 13.9 lap times in practice. Mike O’Sullivan of Springfield, MA. and Bill Ahern of Bellerica, MA. started on the front row. Guy Caron of Lempster, NH took an early lead, showing his knowledge of the track. Griffith, Shaw, and Davis quickly made their way through the pack to the top five in the early laps of the race. Caron led for twenty-five laps until the first caution flew for Glenn Martel as he spun in turn two.

On the restart, Shaw took advantage of his position near the front, and captured the lead which he would hold for a total of sixty-six laps of the race. On lap forty-seven, hometown racer Jimmy Zullo found himself in the pit for the first time in the feature after he hit the front stretch wall in practice. He continued to battle the car throughout the night. On lap fifty-five Cory Casagrande of Stafford Springs, CT and George Bessette of Danbury, CT made contact in turn four.

Griffith took the lead on lap fifty-seven, but Shaw promptly stole it back, leading until lap ninety-four. Contact between Mike Parks of Walpole, NH and Tommy O’Sullivan in turn four stet up a six-lap shootout between Shaw, Griffith, and Davis. The last four laps saw four different lead changes and heated restarts among the top three contenders for the win.

On lap ninety-eight Griffith and Shaw made contact on the backstretch, which led to both drivers coming out of turn four sideways and Griffith triumphed as Shaw spun. In the final laps Griffith and Davis battled to the finish line, Davis crossing first, to become the fourth different driver to win on the series this season.

The Granite State Pro Stock Series will be racing July 2, 2016 at Speedway 51 in Groveton, NH.

Unofficial Finish

1 09 Jeremy Davis

2 12 Derek Griffith

3 08 Mike O’Sullivan

4 63 John Salemi

5 42 Guy Caron

6 29 Barry Gray

7 66 Mike Parks

8 4 Tommy O’Sullivan

9 15 George Bassette

10 51 Bill Ahern

11 1 Cory Casagrande

12 40 Mike Mitchell

13 23 Glenn Martel

14 18 Michael Scorzelli

15 68 Craig Wwinstein

16 60 DJ Shaw

17 10 Jimmy Zullo

Contingency Winner

Car #


AR Bodies (Hard Luck) $100.00 10 Jimmy Zullo

Bond Auto Parts (2nd Place) $100.00 12 Derek Griffith

Bond Auto Parts (Last car on Lead Lap) $100.00 1 Cory Casagrande

Coilover (Feature winner) $300.00 09 Jeremy Davis

Embroidery Expertee’s (3rd Place) $50.00 08 Mike O’Sullivan

Five Star Bodies (5th Place) $50.00 42 Guy Caron

MacLellan Metal Finishing (Heat Winner) $25.00 12 Derek Griffith

MacLellan Metal Finishing (Heat Winner) $25.00 09 Jeremy Davis

Magnus Racing (2nd Place) $100.00 12 Derek Griffith

Powertrain (4th Place) $100.00 63 John Salemi

RB Performance (3rd Place) $50.00 08 Mike O’Sullivan

RB Performance (7th Place) $50.00 66 Mike Parks

Seymour Performance (Random Draw) $50.00 51 Bill Ahern

Sherwood Wheels (Most Laps Lead) 60 DJ Shaw

Sunoco (Heat Winner) 5 Gals Race Fuel 12 Derek Griffith

Sunoco (Heat Winner) 5 gal Race Fuel 09 Jeremy Davis

VDL Fuel (5th Place) $100.00 42 Guy Caron

Track—Claremont Speedway, 1/3 mile Claremont NH.

Race—Twin State 100

Time of Race—50:25.9

Cautions—(6)—laps 26-56-60-94-97-98

Margin of Victory—.024

Best Lap Time—Derek Griffith

Best Lap By—13.955

Lap Leaders—(Lap 1, M. O’Sullivan)-(2-26, Caron) (27-57, Shaw)(58-60, Griffith) (61-94, Shaw) (95-97, Griffith) (98, Shaw) (99, Griffith) (100, Davis)

Photo Credits Chip Cormie

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