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NHMS Technical Notes.

Hello all! I can't believe this event is just around the corner. We have had some questions about rules for this event, so here we go. We will use 2018 GSPSS rules that are in place with the following exceptions.

1) the only engine that will be allowed for this event is the Stock 604 as per 2018 GSPSS rules. again THIS IS THE ONLY MOTOR Allowed for this event, NO EXCEPTIONS.

2) All cars must have the correct IGN Box per 2018 GSPSS rules, All Boxes must be set at 6400 RPM.

3) Tires will be as follows, You will be allowed 10 tires for the entire weekend, 4 for Saturday practice and 6 for the race on Sunday, we again will have a mandatory yellow on lap 25. All tires must be purchased at NHMS you can not for any reason bring tires with you.

4) Tire we will be running will be a McCreary tire, it is a tire we tested with great results, It is designed for repaves and tracks that have a tendency to build a lot of heat, we found that the tires were a little quicker and ran 30 degrees cooler.Here is the tire information.

Left sides are same compound we use now, 851 & Right sides will be R111. McCreary SPEED 27.0/10.0-15 (Right Side) 26.5/10.0-15 (Left Side)

If you have any tire questions please give Bill Galloway a call at 1-508-245-7759.

Other than the above we will follow the 2018 GSPSS rules as stated. Bellow is a link to our 2018 GSPSS rules.

Any other questions please feel free to reach out, See you all at the Speedbowl on May 26th!!



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