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Twin State Strictly Street/Street Stock Challenge Rules

35 Laps - $750 To Win

Claremont Speedway (Presented by GSPSS)

Winner will receive a guaranteed starting spot in the N.E. Strictly Stock Nationals at Star Speedway

All Cars must have a working AMB transponder

7 or 8 inch tires and wheels are permitted

Hoosier 800/850 and American Racer 705's are allowed tires. Must meet a minimum of 50 on our durometer. All decisions are final.

All cars must be Strickly Street/Street Stock cars, no “late model” or old “pro-stocks”. Must have leaf springs or stock four link rear suspension.

All Cars must run a Holly 500 CFM carburetor

Built Engines = 3150lbs, 55% left, camshaft max lift 460.

Stock 602 Engine = 3050lbs, 55% left

Add 50lbs for Hoosier 800's

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